7 Reasons To Use Companies Now

Want more information as to why you should use Companies Now for your New Company Registration the read our 7 Great Benefits You Will Receive When Using Our Services

100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If for any reason that you are not satisfied with your purchase from Companies Now then we will pay you for your business. If you purchase a Company then we will refund you the cost of our service (minus the $400 ASIC fee) and if you purchase a Trust or a Fund we will refund you with $70. It doesn’t get much better then that not only are you getting a Full Service Provider for the same price as a do it yourself company but we guarantee you will be satisfied.
Full Compliance and Peace of Mind. Don’t be caught with the penalties of non-compliance! Statutory Registers must be kept by law. Our services provide both technical accuracy and full compliance with Corporations Law, ensuring peace of mind.

Top Quality Documents. Top quality presentation complements technical accuracy of documents.

Here to Stay. Both the directors have been involved with the industry for over 8 years, and are here to stay.

Totally Professional. Our team is directed by fully qualified and experience Chartered Secretaries for the best possible service and advice.

First Class Service. Because we are on-line with ASIC and are able to incorporate your choice of company name immediately and deliver overnight Australia wide, you can be sure of a prompt, efficient, reliable service at all times. Tailor made companies can be incorporated immediately with ACN numbers being available within 30 minutes (allow up to 2 hours in certain situations due to name availability and ASIC constraints).
FREE Overnight Australia wide delivery. All of our companies come with free overnight delivery, giving you the assurance that you are ready to move forward as soon as possible. (Rural regions allow 2 days. Funds also receive free delivery but allow up between 24 to 48 hours for solicitors to complete.)