How To Register A Company In Australia

Having your own business is a good way of having your source of income. This way, you can be the boss of yourself and of course, you will also be the boss of your time. There are lots of possible businesses out there that you can start on. But before you set up an office for your business, you have to register your business first.

Traditionally, you have to go to the government office where you have to fill-up forms and submit to them in person. But that is the old way. Now, the easiest way is to register your new company online. Like they say, the online way is easiest way. But before that, there are some things that you have to be prepared of.

One thing that you must be especially prepared of is the company name. Your company name must be original and no other company should have the same name as yours. You can prepare a few names that you have in mind in case your first choice is not available anymore. You can find out the names that are still available by searching it online too. Also, it would be best if your name is trademarked.

Another thing that you should be prepared of beforehand is the structure of your company or the structure that is applicable on the business that you have in mind. Honestly, you can’t do this alone; therefore, you need to ask help from experts like lawyers and/or accountants. You can also have your friend as a partner for your new business or you can just have the business as your own alone.

After all of these things have been prepared, you can now start the online process of registering your company. First, you would need an agent to help you who is registered with the ASIC. An order form is what you will need to start the process. The order form is relatively easier to fill up compared with the ASIC form that you have to fill up in case you decide to register your company without an agent’s help. The things that you prepared for will be used here. The information necessary that you will need to fill up the forms are the following:

The company’s name that you have in mind
The company’s business structure and how the operations will work.
The names and other personal information of the secretaries, directors, share holders and owners of the company (if applicable)

As long as the information provided is complete and accurate, then the registration can take just in a short time. That is why, you have to register your company now and hurry in finding the right agent to help you with it.